Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer: series finale

Crabby dude, I just found your blog and totally crapped my pants laughing. You dorks are still dorks? I remember you in middle school, crammed over your chessboards in Mr Leising’s room like a bunch of OCD hunchbacks. F’in hilarious then and F’in hilarious now. Only sadder. I’m going to forward this and especially this to all my … More Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer: series finale

Pure insanity

Another computer surprise here. Not part of my recent-game-analysis-improvement program. Just a historical scoresheet I threw into Stockfish out of curiosity. The following game features the most ridiculous attack I ever played, and believe me, you will agree it’s ridiculous. It’s all about move 22. Slater (1854) – Foushee (1990), Louisville KY, Summer 1985. 1. d4 Nf6 … More Pure insanity