San Francisco, or a tiny part of it

I promised to post some pictures. Here are some, only two years late!

When we moved here I worked for the DC-based media company FierceMarkets, so I worked east coast hours out of our apartment in Tiburon.

Then after we’d been here for about 15 months, I took a new position at Ready State, a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. It’s like a Little Italy, bordering on Chinatown. … More San Francisco, or a tiny part of it


A certain massive donut retailer has been advertising “artisan” bagels. As Inego Montoya would say, I do not think that word means what they think it means. Here is the work of a potter,  my friend Doug Law. We have a couple of Doug’s pieces in our house, and they’re just wonderful. And I’ve had … More Artisans