Hydroponics is raising plants in water rather than soil. Aquaponics takes that concept a step further. Raise fish or other aquatic organisms in the water and you can make a largely self-sustaining system. Fish waste adds nutrients to the water, feeding the plants. And at the end of the day you can have tilapia with mixed … More Aquaponics

Before Google

Google seems like a revolutionary company in some respects. Google Labs is just being shuttered, but it’s been chock full of experimental tools and toys for years, all free. Very cool. Employees are encouraged (required?) to set ridiculous quarterly performance goals for themselves – point being that if you think small and incremental, that’s all … More Before Google

My world view and professional approach, as explained by Thor

‘They’re specialists, the whole lot of them, and they don’t believe in a method of work which cuts into every field of science from archaeology to botany. They limit their own scope in order to be able to dig in the depths with more concentration for details. Modern research demands that every special branch shall … More My world view and professional approach, as explained by Thor

Statistics smackdown

Old joke: An economist is someone who wanted to be an accountant but didn’t have the personality. Fairly or not, statistics shares this reputation. Intermittantly, haltingly, I have been reading Statistics for Dummies. And unfortunately it is indeed kinda boring. But if you take statistics and throw in a dash of discord, an argument, a few … More Statistics smackdown

Spanish moss

In Mobile recently I noticed that one tree can be nearly covered with Spanish moss, while another tree right next to it may have none at all. And the moss hangs in batches that aren’t necessarily connected to each other. Spanish moss isn’t moss at all, and despite its appearance it doesn’t spread like a creeper … More Spanish moss