Fourth position

Played another G/45 at the Mechanics Institute club this past weekend. Here’s a final-round game that’s kind of comically inept, although that sounds harsher than I mean it. But there’s a long sequence where every move by either of us improves the other guy’s position by a half-pawn or more. C’mon gang, let’s count the wrong moves! Mays … More Fourth position

Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer: series finale

Crabby dude, I just found your blog and totally crapped my pants laughing. You dorks are still dorks? I remember you in middle school, crammed over your chessboards in Mr Leising’s room like a bunch of OCD hunchbacks. F’in hilarious then and F’in hilarious now. Only sadder. I’m going to forward this and especially this to all my … More Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer: series finale

These shoes are defective!

You recall the post Ugly Shoes (because Matt’s comment made you snort your coffee). Well I bought me some California-crazy, car-drivers-please-don’t-run-over-me-at-night running shoes: Yet here I am, heaviest I’ve ever been. What’s wrong with these shoes? You mean I have to actually GO RUNNING?!

Leg before wicket

That’s a foul in cricket. The general point is that the batsman can’t use his body to keep the ball from hitting the wicket – he has to use the bat. But it’s apparently a confusing rule, and/or difficult to apply correctly. And it’s a wonderful way to describe a messed-up situation without swearing. Use in … More Leg before wicket

Start your engines

When you start running, here’s what happens: Nothing. You run and run, burning lots of calories, and yet your weight remains the same and your stomach looks the same. You have to stick with it, and if you do, eventually your body decides that no, you aren’t kidding, and yes, it has to do something different. … More Start your engines