Buried food

Dead things rot. This makes them less palatable. Before Mr. Frigidaire came along, a popular solution to this problem was to bury the dead thing until you were ready to eat it. Thus we got narezushi, the original form of sushi. Bury the fish with rice, various bacteria get going, and eventually you have a … More Buried food


Just back from our annual security leadership conference in Clearwater. Shared hotel space with the Synthetic Turf Council. Spent a half-hour talking with Derek Benz, a chief information security officer who also has published 3 books for kids/preteens. Discovered that the conference producer once upon a time was a roadie for Megadeth. Was served raw … More Driftwood


Flatfish [flounder, etc] are born perfectly normal. For its first few months, a baby flatfish swims around looking like a regular fish. It must come as a shock when, over the course of just a few days, its cranium, brain, jaw, nose and eye sockets all suddenly rotate over to one side. – Trevor Corson … More Flatfish

Oysters Churbuck

She asked why I fished, was it for food? The sport? Communing with nature? I thought for a second, not quite sure, and realized the answer was too weird to say out loud and that is this: I think people are happiest standing in knee-deep water with a fishing rod or clam rake in their … More Oysters Churbuck

Daikon ravioli

If my wife had been present, she would have gotten very ill watching me eat my sushi. First they gave me the unidentified appetizer dish, the “he eats here a lot, give him a freebie” mini-dish. Profound surprise follows: It tasted… fishy. I didn’t ask what it was but I ate it. Fishy in moderation … More Daikon ravioli