An accidental time capsule

Some boxes have remained unopened since we moved from Massachusetts in 2013… The top cover features art from Red Nose Studio. He creates those little miniature scenes and then photographs them. The second photo shows The Image Issue, for which Lew McCreary wrote cover lines in the style of Cosmopolitan. We did get at least 1 … More An accidental time capsule

Word of the day: Obliquity

Deviation from sound judgment or thinking. (Or from moral rectitude.) In astronomy, “the angle between the planes of the earth’s equator and orbit having a value of about 23°27′. ” Suggestive of indirectness, off-kilter-ness.

Intuition, or reasoning instead of calculating

Tal frequently played sacrifices that he couldn’t calculate to a clear conclusion; he wrote that his reasoning was “If I can’t see through it all, neither can he!” and he would proceed to throw away his knight or rook or queen or whatever under the assumption that he would subsequently out-calculate his opponent. I kinda … More Intuition, or reasoning instead of calculating