Content Marketing: The Book

2nd Edition is now in the works! (Oct 2015)

How to do content marketingMy book Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes shows how your business can use content to win new customers.

The book outlines a clear 8-step process for content marketing, ensuring that readers avoid common pitfalls (such as corporate blogs that start with a bang and then trail off into silence) and build an effective, sustainable program. Content marketing can establish you at the center of discussion in your industry – if you do it right!

Written in an approachable and entertaining style, Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes is valuable to: marketers new to content creation; journalists moving into marketing roles; owners of small- to-midsized businesses.

It’s available in various electronic formats (via iTunes or on Amazon Kindle, for example) as well as hardcopy. Links to all options are on the website of the publisher, i30 Media.

You can see the 8-step process here, drawn from the introduction to the book.

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