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In 2009-2011, A site called, under the direction of the estimable Rob O’Regan, kindly let me turn some of my notes into columns on SEO from the perspective of an editor.

Sadly emediavitals has been shuttered, but the columns are preserved on my own (I’ve updated the links below.)

SEO for Editors on

These are in reverse chronological order. Got tired of scrolling down to add new stuff.

xi. Search strategy versus SEO tactics. There are all sorts of misconceptions about search. It doesn’t have to bring you unqualified traffic. It isn’t a blunt force instrument over which you don’t have any control. And IT ISN’T JUST A TACTICAL ISSUE. Publishers should have a search strategy. In fact, they should all have the same search strategy, and I’ll tell you what that strategy is.

x. Advanced resources for teaching yourself SEO. An update to column ii further down the page. (That’s how the Romans spelled the number 2 before they learned English.) Additional RSS feeds and also some great people to follow on Twitter. Again, with ten or fifteen minutes of reading per day, you can stay on top of the rapid changes in the world of search.

ix. Improving search ranking for editorial content: A real-world test. In the previous column I set up a public challenge, choosing five CSO articles that rank on page 2 for various Google searches and pledging to push them up onto page 1. Here’s how it went (so far).

viii. Search engine results: Only the first page counts! The vast majority of clicks go to items on the first results page for a given search. This article offers a checklist of strategies for moving up.

vii. SEO for B2B: A mini case study. When we changed our content management system, we also gained the ability to fix a lot of old content labeling problems. Here’s how the adventure went.

vi. SEO, porn, bounce rate and you. Heh. You have to read the top of the story to see the joke here. It’s really about capturing the attention of visitors coming to your site or blog from search engines.

v. More juice please! A link-building checklist for editors. Links are votes. Time to hit the campaign trail.

iv. 4 great practical ideas for increasing search traffic

iii. 2 critical strategies for keyword research

ii. How to teach yourself SEO. Includes a list of critical SEO blogs.

i.  5 reasons to become a search expert. I think people misunderstand the point of SEO in particular. It’s an effort to gain visibility for great content. Not an attempt to replace great content.

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