About Reassembler

Too bad WordPress only lets you use one tagline at a time. I’ve had dozens.

  • Overthinking it since early 2007
  • Focus is overrated
  • Hanging out at the intersections
  • Brain stew
  • Codswallop, bunkum and amphigory

This is a blog that’s loosely about putting together things you don’t normally put together.

The blogger, which is me, is Derek Slater. In my professional life I [am] WAS the editor of CSO, a publication about security. Then I headed up the IT and Finance editorial groups at FierceMarkets. Now I’m content director at Ready State, a digital marketing agency in San Francisco.

The publishing industry is undergoing a great deal of change. As is the security field. And marketing as well. Throw in my interest in fusion cooking and mixed martial arts and Web mashups, and the fact that all the good URLs using Pangaea were taken, and you’ve got Reassembler.

This is a complicated way to say: Most of the stuff you read on this blog? I have no idea what I’m talking about.

14 thoughts on “About Reassembler

  1. Derek,

    Nice blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts. When I saw your name I started reminiscing about the MCC, and my anticipation to play again quickened. I haven’t played a rated game in almost a year. My hope is to be back at the club again some time before 2008.

    My last year of free time has been spent finishing a book (Engaging Pieces: Interviews and Prose for the Literary Chess Fan).

    I’ve got your RSS feed coming my way.

    Howard Goldowsky

  2. So could this possibly be the Derek Slater I know? Too many coincidences…chess, sense of humor, Tarheel. Let me know :)

  3. Hey Jubilee,

    yes, it’s the same fellow.

    I haven’t got your current e-mail address. Mine hasn’t changed. Can you drop me a line?

  4. Hi Derek. I just checked out your blog after seeing the link on the Kenilworth. If you can link to mine that would be great. I just added yours to my blog roll.

  5. Hey Ivan – I don’t really exchange links – but if you see a post you like, link to it. I will certainly do the same. And congrats your big win & big rating in Texas!

    1. No relation.

      HOWEVER this is fascinating – I had heard of him, but didn’t know his middle name!

      If you search for Slater on chessgames.com, you’ll find a game where Black gets slaughtered in a Benoni against Steve Winer, and people wonder idly in the comments as to whether the game was played Jim Slater. In fact, I would love to attribute it to him, but…

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